Race Info
Affiliations/factions Interim Concord
Racial professions Travelers (mage profession)
Racial leaders None (Randomized annual council)
Physical attributes
Skin color Brown, Grey
Weight 50 kg - 190 kg
Height 160 cm - 270 cm
Language Alderion

 Alderas are the natives of Procidens . They're a mysterious and cult-like race, who've dedicated themselves to the mystical arts of magical traveling. For millenias they devoted their very existence to studying an unproven art, in hopes that they'd one day be able to visit outer realms. Their efforts accidentally forged the entity of Spatium in Cortus , which would later be responsible for the unnatural creation of the Human race. By 1167 A.P they began the second magical revolution in Cortus and began the true exploration of outside worlds. 

Life on ProcidensEdit

The history of the Alderas date back around - 20.000 A.P, when mixes of organic matter caused a magical biological explosion, which would give birth to the race. The race was immediatly born with a great perception of their own biology and the means for them to grow, organize and establish a society within a decade or two. Their unrivaled desire to comprehend the world later resulted in the 


The first Aldera; seconds after being created.

founding of the Interim Concord; a council of noble Alderas, who dictated how the race could best progress to get a better understanding of the universe. By - 16.233 A.P, Alderas began exploring the possibility of long distance teleportation. The concord dictated that around 98% of all annually born Alderas would be born with the single purpose of studying and practicing this profession.