"Your rebellion is a beacon of determination and hope; but your recklessness and furious acts make you the target of many influential men and women. I wish to help, without getting aimed at myself."
―Altoriss speaking with Qarx for the first time.
Title Commander, Rebel
Gender Female
Race Human
Unique traits
Year of Birth 665 A.P
Place of Birth Pratum
Year of Death 731 A.P
Occupation General

 Altoriss was a female general, leader and co-founder of The Emerald Warden . She was an active participant in The Pact War and was an unofficial supporter of the Origo Rebellion . Her clever leadership and smart tacticts made her in succesful in making the Emerald Warden the only military organization to last until the war was over.

During the events of the sacer invasion, She merged the emerald warden with Toroun Louvus' council and became a council member of the Ardent Union. She died during the final encounter against the sacer general Odium.