"They tore down a beacon of peace and harmony... and in the act, they denied themselves immunity from my wrath."
―Qarx, talking to Salvus Origo about the fall of Austellus
A view over the Austellus Cascus-church
A map of Austellus around 680 A.P
Type Town
Population 11.000 as of 680 A.P
Affiliation None
Races Humans (8.000)

Halfhumans (2.000) Northmen (1.000)

 Austellus was a smaller human town, founded in 232 A.P, during The Verum War. After the loss of The Verums, Austellus turned into a small settlement for veteran soldiers, farmers, merchants and nature lovers. The town remained free from outside disturbances, until 514 A.P, when botanians started harrashing the town's merchants. in 687 A.P the town was almost completely eradicated by the Renegades Pact. Although most buildings were destroyed and the population was halved, the town survived the encounter.