A stylized portrayal of the assumed appearance of the old world as a galaxy.

Cascus, also known as The old world is the supposed only existing alternative universe to exist. Cascus is the primary concept behind the religion caelity and has through millenias become more of a myth, than something believed to be universally true. It was founded by Queen Dictus, the last supreme leader of the Sacers and has since then grown into a religious theory, regarding the assumed absence of the gods. Cascus has been theorized by many different artists and is in many ways considered the physical concept of heaven.

Scientific/magical explanationEdit

Cascus is said to be an eternal spiral of green land filled with magical particles. It is highly romantized and considered an unreachable paradise. Due to it being nothing but a religious belief, there is no scientifical evidence of its existence. Experiments have been made though. All of this depends on how Cascus is looked at, which mostly depends on the caelist him/herself. There are six overall theories as to what Cascus consists of:

  • The old world was a planet
  • The old world was a galaxy
  • The old world was a non-specified type of region, beyond mortal's understanding
  • The old world was a unconcious state, rather than a real physical place
  • The old world was a reachable place for qualified heathens of Cortus
  • The old world was a world created exclusively for the gods themselves

Supposing it's an unconcious state, magicians have attempted to gain access to the world through meditations, being the foundation for the very first monks. However, no magicians have managed to gain access to Cascus. This is either because of Cascus being no more than a myth or because no magicians have experienced with visualizing mentally entering a world and how it would work physically.

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