Ceterus Relictus
Title Creator of the circle, Ghost-god, Councilar of Ardent Union
Gender Male
Race Northman, Ghost
Unique traits
Year of Birth 613 A.P
Place of Birth Dictum
Year of Death Unknown
Occupation Manipulator

Ceterus Relictus was one of the creators of The Circle, as well as a close friend to Aithen Louvus, the second human to ever be converted to position of god. Subsequent to the creation of the circle and the Third city war, Ceterus stood the only mortally living creator of the circle.

Aware that Aithen may have been converted into a god, Ceterus ventured to the Temple of Spatium, in an attempt to learn of the true origin of immortal creations. He trained and struggled for decades to try and become a God-candidate himself, but never managed to live up to the potential. However, sometime during his training in the temple, he learned how to harnest the power of the Soulgate, giving him unspoken powers in terms of strength, agility, speed and magic.

Sometime in 715 A.P, Ceterus was greeted by Qarx Louvus Furyhold and got involved in the last struggles of the Pact war. Using the power of the soulgate, Ceterus personally vanquished the remnants of the Renegades Pact and the Cortus Monarchy

After the pact war and the usage of the Soulgate, Ceterus finally returned to civilization. His interaction with the soulgate has assumably given him immense powers, making him unable to age, which had now made him more than 100 years old. When the Sacer invasion erupted, Ceterus personally involved himself in the struggle and became a councilor of the Ardent Union

Ruining others' opportunitiesEdit

Ceterus became partly insane from researching on magic alone in the temple of Spatium. At times though, visitors came to forfill similar prophecies, but it always resulted in Ceterus suggesting them or manipulating them to leave. With little effort, Ceterus unofficially claimed the temple of spatium, although unfamiliar with larger portions of the crypts.


Ceterus using the power of the gods (the soulgate) to oppose the pact. (goblinmale_corrupted)

Ceterus never defied the prophecy and didn't enter the forbidden chambers, until permitted by the gods. As the gods never spoke, Ceterus ended up waiting in vain, until the presence of Qarx Louvus Furyhold became a reality. At the day of Qarx's arrival, a series of events occured, that forced Ceterus to defend the temple from treespassers and in the attempt, lose his life.

Ceterus was later buried by the followers of Qarx, but never got to forfill his wish and become a part of the prophecy, at least not directly. Although aware of the concequences when going into battle, Ceterus considered it a responsibility, as he considered himself to be assigned to protect the temple from the war raging outside spatium.