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A corrupted bear.

Corruption is the act of manipulating an individuals emotional or physical state, through damaging and affecting spells or attempts. In all of Cortus, corruptions are happening everywhere, due to personal reasons.

The way of achieving revenge on someone, is usually not done through executing someone. In Cortus, it's the norm for depressive persons to corrupt others, rather than killing them, if desiring vengeance.

Methodes and possible outcomesEdit

Corruption is usually done through manipulating or changing an individuals magical particles in their bloodstream. By changing the amount, people can change its speed, effects, influence and even existence. Because different species, races and sizes of animals need different amount of particles, a change in that particular system can lead to huge side effects.Some of the side effects are

  • A shorter lifespan
  • Changing skincolor
  • Mutation
  • Glowing eyes (if receiving particles)
  • Death
Corrupting can therefore serve as a useful way to punish people for disobedience, criminal acts or simply for the sake of it. Tough and feared leaders like Ducion Liciano are known for practicing corruption and using it to both strenghten his allies and weaken his opponents.Due to possible mutations, corruption could easily prove a desireable thing, although it was not possible to use alone.
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A corrupted halfhuman

Halfhumans were especially known for getting corrupted, as they were easier to mutate and strengthen. However, mutation and corrupting was rarely utilized in public and it was even an unknown act for a large part of the population.

Other races were also corrupted, but they rarely did it due to desire, rather than necessity or force.

Chemical processEdit

The appearence of a person is determined by the amount of magical particles in different parts of the persons bloodstread. If there is a larger amount of particles near the persons heart, the individual will grow a relatively larger chest, due to it having to hold more magic and energy. By changing the amount in different areas and parts of the body, it's possibly to almost instantly change the size, form, color and amount of certain features. It's even possible to mix the features through imagination.

Corrupting is therefore considered an art or profession, as it requires skill, dedication and concentration and can easily be done in a respected and nondamaging way. Some individuals have even opened stores, where they offer specific forms of manipulation for a certain price.


  • Corruption is the main profession for Manipulators.
  • Corruption can usually not be performed by halfhumans.
  • Corruption can usually not be performed on halfhumans.
  • Corruption on humans is more risky, than on any other race.
  • Corruption is very easy to screw up.