"Just? No, not one bit. Our society is based on old sacer-ideals about a single ruler dominating an entire world. It's stupid; But it's what the people want. Who am I to deny what the world is ready for? There will come a day, when people will grow and change their views. But as long as they want a legend, I'll do my best to fill the role."
―King Brond talking to his daughter, Linia.
Cortus Monarchy
Cortus monarchy
Historical info
Year of Founding 235 A.P
Leaders King Brond, Nitor Liciano, King Cado
Year of disbandment 698 A.P
Enemies Alius Revolution, The Verums, The Circle, Renegades Pact, Origo Rebellion, Emerald Warden
Member count Casualties caused
100 million Approximately 10 million