Coscun detem
Title Defender of Doctum
Gender Male
Race Sacer
Unique traits
Year of Birth 443 B.P
Place of Birth Doctum
Year of Death 346 B.P
Occupation Commander, Advisor

 Coscun Detem was a high ranked commander during the Sacer civil war. He is considered one of the most heroic sacers to die of non-natural causes and among the few sacers who preffered meele combat, rather than the use of magic. Coscuns body would eventually be ressurected by Odium and be used as a reborn to occupy the ruins of Vastus. 

Coscun fell before the might of the defenses of Qodrum, a barbaric sacer city, during a siege to kill the barbarian leader. Along with lux, Cotum, odium, magnus and votum, he succesfully conquered the city, although he died shortly after, once attacked by a large mob.