"For what it is worth, let me tell you from the very depths of my heart, that your death would bring the widest of smiles to my lips."
―Daviun talking with Ducion.
Daviun of Foedus
Title Merchant, Renegade, Councilar of Ardent Union
Gender Male
Race Human
Unique traits
Year of Birth 670 A.P
Place of Birth Foedus
Year of Death 744 A.P
Occupation Soldier, Informant

 Daviun of Foedus was a merchant, informant, soldier and later member of the Renegades Pact, until its disbandment in 715 A.P. In return for protection for his family, Daviun supported the pact during the Pact war, although despising their deeds and motives. Being a well-known merchant in Foedus' underworld, Ducion Liciano used Daviun to strategically ensure the downfall of Cultus over the length of a decade.