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Qarx, Salvus and a recruit near the enemy compound.

The death of Salvus Origo occured during an infiltration on a pact compound. At the moment of his death, Salvus was alone in a tower with Qarx Furyhold and several guards, trying to oppress the pact enough to gain a larger part of the camp.

The conversationEdit

  • Salvus gets shot*

Salvus: "Ugghr,, Not yet! He's still out ther-GRMRMM"

Qarx: "Quiet master!'ll lose blood faster. Relax, we're going to get you help. MEDIC!"

Salvus: "D-don't! You know w-what an arrow in the heart means Qarx. Poena demands payment from my slaughtering. I shall embrace her wish with dignity, not desperation"

Qarx: "You can't die master! Without you, we can't go on! I..I can't find him alone!"

Salvus: "W-with an army you..GNRR...can. With your wisdom and dedication you'll continue, where I left. You will change the world and leave it cleansed and safe. Promise me that...M-master"

Qarx: "I'm...I'm no master. I'm.."

  • Salvus dies*

Qarx: " master"