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Deridens in his leader/fighting clothing

Deridens was the leader of the northmen and ruled the majority of Foedus, despite the slavery occuring in the areas around the region. Deridens was known for his arrogance and lust for control and power, a thing clearly indicated by the statues resembling him, as well as the many chambers build in his honor.

Deridens was, in public, a decent and responsible leader, appearing to have a large interest in freeing the enslaved ones of his kind. The truth was another matter though. Deridens was actually responsible for a large portion of the slavery occuring around Foedus, being directly associated with Margo Spiro, another famous slaver of the northman race.

Power and influenceEdit

Deridens was famous for the structures and statues he was in charge of. All around Foedus there were large and impressive structures, meant to symbolize his power and influence. Despite rarely including himself in politics, he was still considered a responsible leader, mostly due to his effort, during the creation and mantainment of the circle.

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