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Felswitch Salvatore, a few years after leaving the rebellion.

"Our existence might be what Ducion claims. Worthless.  We are nobody. A breath in the wind. Garbage."

Felswitch Salvatore was a Halfhuman  in the rebellion, who eventually left the organization to form an order of infamous assassins. Felswitch is one of the few halfhumans to be perfectly capable of using magic, making him one of the most deadliest humanoids in Cortus. 

Felswitch Salvatore was known for his leadership in the assassin order, a branch of assassins directly threatening the united city of Pratum, after the end of the pact war. With a mind set towards purpose and a strenght equal to his ambitions, Felswitch managed to nearly wipe out 60% of the citizens in the region.

From halfhuman to war veteranEdit

Felswitch was often looked down at as a child and early adult, publicly confessing that he was a halfhuman back during his first years as a talking child. This resulted in Felswitch performing torturing magic himself, a thing unnoticed by his family, as magic was not useable by most halfhumans. Felswitch took the chance to try and join the rebellion during its prime.

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Halfhuman Felswitch, attempting to poison the air and kill himself.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Felswitch proved a valueable asset and quickly became a part of the rebellions leadership, having a direct impact on the planning of the battle of Mors Pontem. During his career as a war veteran and commander, Felswitch was cured from his halfhuman appearence and became a common humanoid.

During the battle of Mors Pontem, Felswitch switched sides with Ducion Liciano, even though being against the odds. Felswitch had been given a revelation, understanding the meaning of Ducions destruction and now wanting to aid him. With the temporary death of Ducion happening the same day, Felswitch was forced to once again be on his own, later establishing the feared assassin order, together with its grand master, Amsolario Sicarius. 

Fall and deathEdit

Felswitch was killed along with all previous assassins and pact members by the monarch, Samuel Furyhold, at a public execution. Felswitch and the others were executed after attempting to prevent the rise of Samuel, unfortunately ending up with failure. With Felswitch saving hundreds of civilians, by keeping Samuels followers busy, he really lived up to his family name at the day of his death.