"The world is facing an undeniable fact, which may very well change the outlook on humanity as a whole. Our purpose and current goal has been established and yet we look the other away... Because it's "convenient"."
―Figura speaking to the Origo Council.
Title Truth Seeker, Explorer, Archaeologist
Gender Female
Race Human
Unique traits
Year of Birth 665 A.P
Place of Birth Sotus
Year of Death 713 A.P
Occupation Truth Seeker

Figura was a senior member of the The Truthseekers and one of the members directly involved in the Mane Continuity Operation. Along with her apprentice, Tutela, she ventured into the unexplored jungle islands and found Queen Dictum's final resting place. Upon noticing Tutelas transformation into a Mane, she developed a theory, which proved to be nearly identical to the mane continuity operation. Upon showing these observations to the Cortus Monarchy, she was declared a psychotic patient and imprisoned in the stockades of Pratum in 690 A.P. She'd not be released, until 702 A.P, when Qarx Louvus Furyhold relieved her from custody and took her to Spatium to investigate the continuity operation further.