Flamma Aben
Title Verum Leader, Commander, The Purple scepter
Gender Female
Race Human
Unique traits
Year of Birth 184 A.P
Place of Birth Conditus
Year of Death 241 A.P
Occupation Verum, Magician, Manipulator

"Leadership requires zero likability, loyalty or respect. It is all about intintimidation."
―Flamma, talking to Prodavus about the future of the verums.
 Flamma Aben was the second leader of the The Verums and the first verum commander to rule, during the centuries-long supression of the cult. Flamma was largely considered a woman of chaos and instability, yet preached order, peace and harmony, believing that unity between several races was an impossibility. She was in charge of the reformation of the verums, changing it from a military organization into the racist cult it would later be known as. 

During her rule over the verums, she relied strongly on Mortuus military strategy, which greatly strengthened the verums into the most cruel and determined killing force in Cortus history. Furthermore, Flamma would popularize the use of Manipulation within the verums and furthered the research of several different schools of magic.

Before the exileEdit

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Role as a cultistEdit

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