"Most people in the world are in it for themselves. They despise people that they compare to. They praise people that they antagonize. People are illogical. But the ember is nothing like that. Chilling in its own world of ideals and motives... The ember just is. "
―Novus Albens speaking to her daughter about her order.
Flare's Ember
Flare's Ember
Historical info
Year of Founding 1850 A.P
Leaders None (democratic rule)
Year of disbandment  ????
Enemies The Verums, Amporion
Member count Casualties caused
approximately 10 million At least 5 million
 Flare's Ember was an independent unofficial faction, which worked towards obtaining absolute unity between the world's various races. They arose in 1850 A.P, when desiring to help the Vigors become a free species, independent from the control of Amporion. This quickly meant that they gainted the attention of The Verums, almost immediatly becoming enemies with the faction.