"A dusty metropolis, where the only rules are those of physics and the currency is that of bloodshed."
―Raptus Mataru describing Foedus to his crewmembers.
The main entrance to the city of Foedus
Map of Foedus as of 780 A.P
Type Metropolis
Population 1,1 million as of 780 A.P
Affiliation favors mercenaries and traders
Races Northmen (400.000)

Humans (230.000) Halfhumans (300.000) Sacers (80.000)

 Foedus was a large isolated and hidden metropolis, which was founded by a council of Northmen and Halfhumans, wishing to flee from The Verums during The Verum War. As most northmen and halfhumans were unfamiliar with governmental laws and systems, the city grew into a large metropolis of chaos and unregulated crime. Most lawbreakers ventured to Foedus and it's now the largest combined settlement of marginalized races in Cortus. Over 10% of Foedus' population consists of mercenaries and assassins.