Mortals believed gods to be large, exotic humnaonoids, made of solid rock material.

Gods are spiritually gifted humanoids, who've gained access to the the senseless realm. Gods are usually greatly empowered and possess the power to bend nature in whatever way they see fit. Gods are either born from pure nothingness or are born as mere humnanoids and later granted access to the senseless realm by other gods. 

Unlike manipulators and other types of magicians, gods do not use magical particles to perform magic. Their brain cells are directly linked to the roots of the earth, technically causing gods to be one with nature. Furthermore, gods aren't bound by rules or morales and can thus act as rudely as all other humanoids. But because of their increase in power and ability to watch over the entirety of Cortus, most gods have claimed it as their job to protect and preserve Cortus the best they can. 


During the prime of Sacer society, gods have yet to be forged. It is estimated that the god Spatium probably emerged around year -11.000, when Sacer society was about to reach its peak. By the time of Spatiums creation, a large research team of Sacer magicians were sent to investigate a sudden increase in magical particles around Pratum. Upon interacting with the source, the research team was purposedly rejected by Spatium to access the senseless realm. This caused parts of the sacers to be caught in between the two 


A greatly cursed ghost god.(Pale_orc)

realms, creating the first known Ghost gods. Over the next many millenias, Spatium would deploy gifted humanoids to enter the senseless realm and aid him in shaping Cortus.