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A portrait of a human female
Race Info
Affiliations/factions Cortus Monarchy
Racial professions Verum, Knight
Racial leaders Commander Prodavus, King Brond, King Cado, Toroun louvus, Monarch Samuel
Physical attributes
Skin color Light brown, grey, black
Weight 60 kg - 210 kg
Height 140 - 230 cm
Language Alderion

Humans are headstrong humanoids who acted as the dominant specie from 0 A.P and many millenias afterwards. They are created by the mysterious Sacers and are thus not a result of evolution. Humans have a deep fascination for exploration and are inclined to turn to necessary sacrifices, rather than staying with their morales. They're unaware of the reason behind their creation. Unlike most races, humans have a born talent for the exploitation of magic, as their cells are stuffed with magical particles. 

Humans stand the main race of NorthmenHalfhumans and Manes.

Creation and historyEdit