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An infected unclean manipulator

Infection is the biological process of turning into a zombie-like individual with lacking common sense, calm, intelligence and sympathy for other human beings. Infections are usually caused through poisoning the magical particles in an individual's body, meaning it's considerably a type of Corruption.

Infection and its possible useEdit

Infection is rarely used on the caster it self, due to obvious reasons. Few have desired this, although there are several advantages, despite the lacking sanity.

  • Infected people have their clean magical particles collected in their heart and brain, meaning they can survive without all the other biological parts of their body, including eyes, legs, arms, ears and forehead.
  • Infected individuals have a harder time breaking their muscles. Magical particles actually tire the muscles and is the main cause for people dying of aging. This means infected people also tend to live several hundreds of years more than normal humanoids.
  • Infection ensures that only the brain and heart has to work, while the remaining body parts are fueled by the posion from the infection, meaning that infected people have a harder time dying from starvation and dehydration.
  • Infection heavily improved the infected's eyesight, as magical particles actually disturbed the vision, despite being the cause for its possibility. The implemented poison functions as a much more efficient way of being able to see.

Infecting people could therefore aid in creating a rather effective army, if capable of actually controlling these instinctive humanoids. Ducion Liciano was famous for infecting troopers in his pact, that weren't already strong or dedicated enough. Some claimed that the grey skinned halfhumans were naturally infected at birth, which is not a completely incorrect statement.


  • Infection is almost impossible to use on creatures without magical particles, for example halfhumans.
  • Infection is caused by poisoning magical particles.
  • Infection doesn't necessarily make the inflicted individual insane, although it's the norm.