Janua Shadowwalker
Title Traveler, Commander, Shadowqueen, Shadowwalker
Gender Female
Race Northman
Unique traits
Year of Birth 1700 A.P
Place of Birth Foedus
Year of Death 1796 A.P
Occupation Traveler, Commander

 Janua Shadowwalker was a northman  traveler, who lived during and after the events of The Seer War. She was among the first foreigners to visit Procidens and a part of the Cortus Council, which would lead the attack on The Shape. During the attack, Janua invented a new type of magic-combat style, which would later set the stepping stones for shadowwalking around 1780 A.P. 

She is mostly remembered for succesfully, but temporarily, travelling to undiscovered worlds, besides Cortus and Procidens. She is considered the main discoverer of Evolution control

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