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Toroun Louvus Furyhold, a master of Karosa.

Karosa was a style of combat, exclusively focused on blocking, parrying and dodging. Due to it having zero offensive movements, no duels could be won with the use of it. However, many utilizers used it to effectively tire out their opponents, to then convert into a different form of combat and properly defeat the foe. 

Karosa was primarily used by diplomats, peaceful representatives and people that preffered to avoid combat at any cost.´Many utilizers also liked duelwielding daggers in order to have two weapons to parry with to ensure maxium efficiency. Some practioners preffered to use swords, although it required a lot of concentration and precision.

A form easily mixedEdit

Karosa, although a fine form in itself, was often mixed with more acrobatic combat styles like Mataru, in order to maximize the number of possible ways of dodging and parrying. Especially duelwielding utilizers of Karosa preffered to mix the defensive part of Karosa, with the moves and flexibility of Mataru or Makashi.

Most famous Karosa moves.Edit