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King Cado.

King Cado was the royal leader of Cortus during the time before and during the pact war. Proving to be the last royal monarch to ever rule Cortus, King Cado failed to oppose the growing criminal organizations and quickly lost his power, when the population turned to the independent rebellion.

While taught politics and leadership at a young age, King Cado failed to properly lead his people and prove an immature and irresponsible role model for his people. Without much bravery or willpower to oppose the rising pact, King Cado was forced to let the rebellion be in the spotlight, making them more politically powerfull, than his remaining followers. While desiring justice and to do the morally correct acts, Cado was easily persuaded and rarely sent orders that were purely his own.

Upbringing, rise to power and lacking skillsEdit

King Cado was not good with politics, but was a smart and mysterious manipulator, when having to deal with close relationships. Without much effort, he managed to "accidently" put down his three older brothers and convince his father to give him the throne. Being the manipulator he was, he quickly gained the favor of many influencial noblemen, ensuring a minimum amount of protests. However, Cado proved incapable of directly giving well thought orders and failed to see how a single action of his, would have an impact on all of Cortus in the long run.
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Cado receiving the title as king by his father.

Because of this, Cado quickly became unpopular as a leader and Cortus was soon to be considered a leadershipless world, with independent organizations fighting for the favor of the poulation.

Managing to completely crumble the government and its power, Cado realized he had to ally himself with popular factions, in order to appear as a wise leader. This resulted in Cado demanding Salvus Origo and several other famous individuals to forge a rebellion on their own, rather than making an official one. As the rumors of the rebellion spread all across Cortus, Cado was still considered a leader that didn't take action. It didn't take long, before the rebellion had a decent enough reputation to continue, without Cado's financing. This greatly angered Cado and he hold several meetings both with and without Salvus, stating the evil and corrupt leaders of the rebellion were not to be trusted.

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