"Forever was I a shadow of my superior brother. No longer! This city serves no mistress! No wretched rebel! No! This time, the city shall tremble before a rightful merchant of honor!"
―Laviun talking with Raptus right before his death.
Laviun of Foedus
Title Rogue, Merchant, Informant
Gender Male
Race Human
Unique traits
Year of Birth 665 A.P
Place of Birth Foedus
Year of Death 692 A.P
Occupation Merchant

 Laviun of Foedus was a small-time merchant and a temporary associate of Raptus Mataru. During a large series of operations, Laviun purposedly betrayed Raptus and thus became the leader of the second most influential trading company in Cultus for a period of 21 hours, until his death.