Lecta Aldono
Title White mane, Grim Reaper, Pact Sergeant
Gender Female
Race Human, Mane
Unique traits
Year of Birth 662 A.P
Place of Birth Solus
Year of Death 716 A.P
Occupation Agent

Lecta Aldono was a female human during the time of the Pact War. She was an essential part of the Renegades Pact's military movements and a close childhood friend of Ducion Liciano, as well as a love-interest to Jonsey. Furthermore, she was secretly a mane under direct command of Aithen and Poena

Lecta was also one of the lead organizators of the eventual Sacer invasion of Cortus, shortly after the pact war. Commanded by the gods, she interacted with Odium, in order to prepare and eventually stage the sacer invasion, which would later be known as the War of Prophecies


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Lecta, attacking Poena out of shock from their sudden appearance.

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