Lootus võimalus
Title Diplomat of Alderas, Overseer
Gender Female
Race Alderas
Unique traits
Year of Birth 1480 A.P
Place of Birth Ectum
Year of Death 1580 A.P
Occupation Magician, Traveller, Adventurer, Explorer

"For years I thought my race the pinnacle of humanoid intelligence. The very purpose of our existence brought us all to think we were better. And now, upon facing something beyond my comprension do I realize... We... We who created you, are nothing in comparison."
―Lootus as he talks to the hologram of Brond
  Lootus võimalus was an Alderas traveller during the first 70 years of The Seer War. She was among the few Alderas to support Qarx and Poena during the war and the first to succesfully enter the chamber within the statue of poena