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Visible particles within a small blast of pure magic.

"Small particles, living inside our blood. They're afraid of fastly pumping blood, yet shall remain. They're life"

Magic is the manipulation of the laws of physics, through channeling of removeable rechargeable particles in the users body. Magic was used for both smaller things, such as lightening campfires and more complex systems, such as the creation of timetraveling. 

Magic existed in all organic life forms, being both the cause of life and the true reason why oxygen is a necessity for most organic lifeforms. With an amount varying, depending on the individual, some creatures may have had a higher rate of magic within their blood, causing them to both live longer and having a smaller chance of getting sick. The amount of magic also decided how skilled the user would be in casting magic.


the particles that are formed to magic are existing in our blood. Magic is constantly flowing through our blood and changes its amount, depending on the individuals emotional and physical state. The particles are easily duplicated, when aided by a calm bloodstream, a heart in a standard beat rate and the lack of adrenaline. Adrenaline forces the blood to pump faster, which the particles cannot keep up with and therefore dies.

If these requirements are forfilled, it's possible for a creature to manipulate the particles and form a visible blast of
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A visualization, showing the magic created aura of a humanoid, as well as his major particle spots

magic, which demands a huge amount of particles, therefore needing calm and lack of adrenaline. These particles have no mass, no sound and in truth, no appearence. Magics visual depends on the user itself, but is generally seen as blue particles, when in its purest form. 

Because the blasted magic is without visibility, mass or sound, its only former mass was the users bloodstream, meaning a link between the particles and the caster remains. The casters emotional state then defines the condition, mass, sound and visual of the particles, allowing the caster to, with proper skill, dedication and training, create literally anything possible. Skilled casters learn to merely look at the particles as a part of his imagination, needing only to visualize in his head, the object, element or even individual he wants to create. 

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