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A "clean" manipulator

Manipulators were masters of manipulation, in terms of magical particles and use of corruption. Manipulators were known for being so skilled in use of magical particles, that they could survive solely with a gas form of their blood, meaning they literally became a walking gas ghost.

Manipulators were known for using levitating forms of clothing to make themselves visible and appear less as ghosts, so the public wouldn't mistake them for souls.

A new perspective on lifeEdit

Manipulators considered their possible gas form to the absolute height and peak of human strenght and power. They therefore believed that it was the highest possible state for humans to reach, only possible to obtain through endless dedication, determination and practice. Although not all manipulators strived for this form, it was definitely the norm and the commonly most desired thing, by practioners of manipulation of magical particles. Manipulators also believed the achieved gas form was a blessing from the gods, for dedicating themselves to understanding life. Even if not achieved, it was still considered a gift, due to its practical uses. Users would be impossible to hit with common objects or weapons, they could travel much faster and they could never die of starvation or dehydration.
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Felswitch Salvatore, a nonclean manipulator

Because of that, manipulators that obtained the gas form, were considered and called "the clean" due to the simplicity of their appearence. The clean often decided to wear levitating bandages and hoods around their gas form, to show that they were still fellow humans with emotions, desires and feelings.

Aura and typesEdit

The color of the gas form of the manipulators often represented their aura and general emotional state. If a manipulator was typically agressive, selfish or frustrated, their gas form would often be very red, where calmer and nicer individuals might be blue, white or green. Because of that, becoming a clean manipulator actually had one huge drawback. The emotional state of the manipulator became readable and the person therefore became easy to understand, making their actions more predictable. It also made it easier to fight and irritate them, due to being able to assume how they'll respond, solely on looking at their gas color. Manipulators' main attributions were also visible on the complexity in their skin color. If a manipulator specialized in manipulation of nature, he'd tend to have more of a green skincolor and would often dress himself to fit the color.