Margo sprio

Margo Spiro

"It's not always easy. The mining business is a filfthy business... And not because of the mining"

Margo Spiro was the founder of the largest mining business in all of Cortus, as well as being one of the smallest known Northmen. His desire for gold was higher than anything else, often resulting in the misery of hundreds or even thousands. Margo was therefore considered a feared mass murdere and criminal, despite never actually killing anyone. Margo did commit other crimes though.

Leadership and slavesEdit

Margo spiro

Margo Spiro, shortly after fleeing from the ruined arena.

Margo was secretively a slave trader. He was one of the lead organisors of the network of slavers, which supplied arenas, mines and other businesses with high quality slaves of all races.

He was known for having many famous personal slaves, such as Samuel Louvus and Servitus; both of which would later found the slave monarchy of Cortus. His business was known across Cortus, but was considered a necessity to keep the economy flowing. Many described it as a necessary evil, which, for many, justified the many misdeeds of his mining business. 

Death and fallEdit

Margo Spiro lost his life and influence, when Samuel Louvus succesfully executed his rescue mission to free all slavers in the global arena. Shortly after, he was hunted by the majority of his former slaves and it didn't last long, until his head was on a pike.