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A halfhuman utilizing a whirlwind attack.

Mataru was a form of combat, focused on acrobatic moves and agile attacks. Few managed to master this form, although most rogues are known for specializing in it. It was also the most fitting form to mix with duelwielding.

Mataru, although a decent form for some, had a lot of drawbacks, that required more work and training, than many other styles of combat. A few of the drawbacks are:

  • Ineffective against several opponents
  • Higly tiring
  • Terrible in tight places

Mataru therefor required a lot more training, than many other forms. Masters of Mataru would however, prove to be incredibly difficult to hit and even hard to keep track of at times. Due to its demanding hasty movements, Mataru was not possible to use if your body was physically capable of being flexible. This meant that a lot of halfhumans weren't capable of using more than a few rotation strikes.

Most famous Mataru movesEdit