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Ceterus in his permanent clothing.

Qarx Louvus Furyhold met with Ceterus, during his search for answers in the temple of Spatium. Uncertain of Ceretus' relation to his father, a conversation of larger importance began.


Qarx: "Everything is abandoned. Nothing is inhabited, nothing is being improved on, and yet you're still here? Who are you little man?"

Ceterus: "You are the one to ask questions, when you're obviously the one with important business here? Yeah, I-I',-I've heard of you. Qarx, the general, the warhero, the arrogant avenger. Perhaps I can assist you, if you start asking the questions that matter?"

Qarx: "Very well. The soul of Aithen Louvus is said to located somewhere within this larger monument. I need to be assured that my searching is not in vain. Is there something holy here?"

Ceterus: "Aithen Louvus? Oh, yes, yes, although not within our grasp. Aithen left us, left me..and he ain't never gonna return. Not until the seeds of the man of comprehension has been placed. 'I have spent the last two decades, trying to become what they so desperately need"

Qarx: "You talk gibberish old man. Who are they and what do they want? You speak of a great man, who's to arrive. Well I'm here and I'm ready to face whatever they want me to oppose".

Ceterus: "Y-you don't understand son. You are not the one. You are not the man they seek. The gods want a man with a pure heart and zero negative emotions. You are nothing but a savage. A man thinking he's the center of Cortus. Well, you're nothing but a coincidence. A presence existing due to thousands of meaningless events."

Qarx: "What is that supposed to mean?! I was guided here. I was told to seek this temple! You do not have the right to judge a man you do not know personally. Tell me where to go NOW!"

Ceterus: "I knew your father Qarx. I know what he has turned into and you DON'T want to become a part of it. He is a selfish immortal, craving for a man above your position. Above your capabilities.
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Ceterus attempting to use the power of the soulgate in the desert of Spatium.

Leave and finish the war. You can play your part, not others'."
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