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Qarx Furyhold as a rebellion recruit.

Qarx Furyhold met with Salvus Origo shortly after being recruited into the rebellion. At this point, Qarx has pretty much only spoken about his desire to find the killer of his family. Salvus then called for Qarx to talk with him privately in his halls.

The conversationEdit

  • Qarx enters the room

Salvus: "Welcome recruit. Please sit down".

  • Qarx nods and sits down on the chair in front of him.

Salvus: "I understand you're the one thinking we're a mercenary bureau? Let me be clear and inform you, that we're not here to help you. You're here to help us and in the process, you might win the favor of a few of us. That's it."

Qarx: "But if there's no reward, nothing to strive for, then why should I bother? I am risking my life out there after all"

Salvus: "Well so far you haven't and there are plenty of gifts given for your service. Food, water, shelter. Things some other people can't get, which we will change in the coming weeks. I implore you to stay silent, 'till your words are old enough to carry meaning".

  • Qarx stands up, turns around and is about to leave.

Qarx: "Easy enough to say, when leader of an entire faction. Recruits are treated poorly, simply for not having experienced what you have, which is impossible with our age. Consider how to treat your inferiors in the future mighty leader"

  • Salvus waves and the door is shut closed. Qarx turns around confused.

Salvus: "Leadership is not something to be desired. It's something you choose, cause it's the best for everyone. I do not like having better rations than recruits, but to stay a strong leader, you must stay healthy. Of all people, an ex-guard like yourself should know that"

Qarx: "I do, and I know what you say is bullshit! Leadership is all about dictatorship, having control and gaining power. Don't make me think you're actually displeased with your position!"

Salvus: "You speak of poor leaders, born only to lead small villages and people of low value. Factions don't have those. A good leader hates his job, but loves what he fights for. Never appreciate our position recruit, only the impact you can have while being in it. Once you've realized that, you'll become a man of larger values".