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A painting of Michelle Furyhold.

Michelle Furyhold was the wife of Qarx Louvus Furyhold and mother of Victor Louvus Furyhold, a relative who died at the age of four. Michelle was also an inkeeper in Austellus, making a decent living off chatting with strangers and providing beverages and food.

Michelle met Qarx Louvus Furyhold in her late teenage years, when Qarx finally escaped the hunters after years of fleeing. Qarx found the little town of Austellus and slowly managed to become an accepted civilian, later becoming a watchguard, where he then met Michelle and married her three years later.

Ruined loveEdit

Prior to the events between the rebellion and the renegades pact, Austellus was attacked by Ducion Liciano and his, at the time, small number of followers. Although the majority of the town was aware of the criminals outside the borders of the city, the guards took their time to properly plan a defensive strategy, to which Michelle aided in both hiding the civilians and gathering supplies.
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Michelle suggesting how to deal with the upcoming attack on the town.

While attempting to later flee with a dozen of civilians, Michelle was impaled by Ducion, quickly dying afterwards along with her son, right after being discovered by her husband Qarx.

Michelle's death led to a series of events in the next couple of decades, most of them being caused by her grieving and revengeful husband.

Michelle's death can therefore be considered to have an indirect effect on all future conflicts that were either directly linked or indirectly linked to the actions and complications caused by the rebellion, that was later led by Qarx, not to mention his later attempt on finding the soulgate, the invented timetraveling and many other meaningful wonders.