"For centuries we have survived unbeatable odds. Now, our very creator promises us death and destruction. But fear not; cause nature cannot end what is a part of itself."
―Morotus speaking to an Alderas audience.
Morotus ülestõus
Title Concord Highness, Founder of Interim Concord, Defiant of Nature, Father of Magic
Gender Male
Race Alderas
Unique traits
Year of Birth 19.765 B.P
Place of Birth Votuson
Year of Death 19.671 B.P
Occupation Manipulator, Commander

 Morotus ülestõus was a Concord Highness and the very founder of The Interim Concord. He was the first Alderas to discover the Magical Barrier and was involved in popularizing studying and the use of magic in the Alderas societies. By the time of his 40th birthday, Morotus had shaped the Concord into a full on govermental system, which would later unite all Alderas under one common rule.