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Mulceo in his politician clothing

Mulceo was the representative and leader of the halfhumans during and after the pact war. Being one of the few halfhumans to have a calm personality and attitude, Mulceo was the perfect candidate for the title as leader of the halfhumans.

Mulceo was born on Pratum in a poor district, living his life without material goods or much dignity. Mulceo was

Opposing the popularEdit

Mulceo was, despite a respected representative, known for opposing the strong rebellion, as well as the leader, Qarx Louvus Furyhold. Even after the pact war, Mulceo continued to oppose Qarx, who he thought planned on secretly controlling all of Cortus. Although that was not the case, Mulceo discovered that Qarx had several personal affairs, that could directly threaten the population of Pratum and other places, like Spatium. Mulceo even attempted on assassinating Qarx, right before opening the soul gate.
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Mulceo fighting Qarx in the chamber of the soulgate

The public did not know of Mulceos attempts on Qarx though, to his favor. Mulceo was still considered a decent and calm individual, despite actually having some large anger issues, when dealing with the rebellion.

Joining the wrong sideEdit

During the opening of the soulgate, both the rebellion and the renegades pact were fighting each other in an attempt to have this discovery for themselves. As Mulceo feared Qarx's intentions, he supported and aided the pact by offering an entire army of halfhumans. Mulceo was quickly betrayed by Ducion though. In the middle of the chamber of the soulgate, Mulceo was impaled by Ducion, resulting in Ducion now leading the entire army of halfhumans. Prior to the moment of his death, Mulceo had fought multiple recognizeable faces from the rebellion, including Qarx, Gweepy, Flippy, Damon, Felswitch and Alex.
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Mulceo having a conversation with low ranked pact members

Mulceo was therefore not as calm and gentle as his reputation would indicate. Although he was relatively peaceful for almost the entirety of his life, the last few years had had a bad influence on his character and was in the end, the cause for his death, due to trusting Ducion Liciano.

Mulceo was still respected for his efforts throughout his life and was given a larger furneral in Pratum, honoring his deeds and speeches he had held to promote the rights of halfhumans and all races in general.