"When the tides have settled and our minds accepted, only then can we see that there are no absolutes. We need no laws or rules to govern our existence. Only when common logic dictates all else, can we truly begin a revolution."
―Nitor speaking with his students.
Nitor Liciano
Title Soldier, Tutor, General, God of Balance
Gender Male
Race Human
Unique traits
Year of Birth 360 A.P
Place of Birth Unknown
Year of Death  ????
Occupation God of Balance

Nitor Liciano was a high ranked general of the Cortus Monarchy and stood one of the main opposers of the growing Alius Revolution in the beginning of the 5th century. He was an excellent magician and was widely regarded as being as powerful as the strongest of Verums.

When the revolution began, he remained loyal to the monarchy, unlike many of his fellow magician-generals. Even his brother, Askia, turned against the monarchy and ignited one of the most intense rebellions in human history.

Following his endeavours during the revolution, he was contacted by Poena, who offered him a place within the The senseless realm. Struggling with a deadly disease, but the willpower to keep aiding the world, Nitor accepted and became the third-last god on Cortus before The Seer War.

The soul gateEdit

After the end of the pact war, Nitor was mortalized by the other gods and forced to live a temporary life on Cortus. Determaned and dedicated to gaining vengeance and teach the gods a lesson, he started planning a series of events, that'd intervene with the plans that gods like Poena and Aithen had with the prophet, Qarx Furyhold.

As the gods planned on making Qarx Furyhold die a mortal life, Notir was slowly changing the fate of Qarx, indirectly persuating him to search for the ancient soul gate, changing the fate of history. Nitor managed to change Qarx's thoughts by use of his understanding of balance and common sense in the mind of mortals.

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Nitor on his mighty steed, while exploring the chamber of the soulgate

Nitor eventually made Qarx discover the existence of the soul gate, the invented time machine, as well as the existence of his father in the realm of gods. Nitor had through countless amounts of manipulation and control forced Qarx to became the prophet that was to receive the last and final title as god of comprehension. The gods were confused and in doubt, but eventually their final verdict was spoken. Qarx was to become the god of comprehension.

Nitor was especially not forgiven after this particular incidence. Especially Poena was irritated and wanted Nitor painfully executed, although it did not become a reality. Nitor continued his life as a mortal and later became the leader of the united people of Spatium, living as an elected and righterous dictator for the rest of his life.

Life before mortalityEdit