"And remember, Young Albens... Though we may step cautiously, know that, like yourself, we praise opportunity. A friend in us, you'll always have, my captain."
―A solared vigor bidding Novus farewell.
Novus Albens
Title Seargent, Captain, Diplomat, Ambassador
Gender Female
Race Half Human/Half Güclü
Unique traits
Year of Birth 1820 A.P
Place of Birth Gürcün
Year of Death 1878 A.P
Occupation Soldier, Captain, Speaker

 Novus Albens was an inborn member of the Pure Army and the captain of Light's Hope, a sailing crew, determined to find the source of the Flare. She was among the first foreigners to come into contact with the Vigors and was an essential part of the campaign against Amporion. She was born and grew up in Gürcün, being the daughter of Lord Trotsi.