"Watch now, father. From farmer to tyrant. From boy to man. This is the war that will test all humans. Those that endure will stand and the rest will perish. This is more than just fighting. It's the reformation of the world it self."
―Ducion speaking to the gods.
Pact War
Pact war
Title Pact War, War of the manes, The Holy Wrath
Time-span 30 years
Event type World War
Casualties At least 8 million
Characters Qarx Louvus, Ducion Liciano, Alen Scribe, Tutela, Vilbur Ovohon, Jonsey, Daviun, Jirak Heartbringer, Salvus Origo,Leon Aporio, Raptus Mataru, Figura, King Cado, etc
Orders Origo Rebellion, Renegades Pact, Cortus Monarchy, The Verums, The Botanians

The Pact War was the first global conflict in the history of Cortus. All promiment factions participated in the warmongering, most of them being lead or directly influenced by Manes. The war was essentially caused by the Renegades PactThe Origo Rebellion and the Cortus Monarchy, all three trying to obtain absolute control over all of Cortus. Other factions such as The Verums or the mercenaries led by Raptus Mataru primarily tried to either diminish the work of all three factions or tried to further the campaign of one of them. 

The war was officially declared, when the Origo Rebellion was founded as a counterpart to the notorious Renegades pact in 685 A.P. The war ultimately ended, when the remnants of the rebellion and pact finished each other off in Spatium in 715 A.P; essentially leaving no absolute victor at the end of the war. In between year 685 and 715, the Cortus Monarchy fell, a series of godly artifacts were discovered and by the end of the conflict, Qarx Louvus Furyhold of the rebellion was transformed into a God.

The war is mainly considered the main driving force behind the later formation of the Cortus Republic. It is also speculated that Odium's assault on human settlements was hasted, when she found out about the weakened human forces. Following the end of the war, a series of orders were formed due to the lack of governmental rule; including the Assassin DivisionArdent Union and several others.