Patere Zwaun in his real half-human form.

Patere Zwaun was a high ranked officer of the Verums, during the leadership of Laevis Potentia. Patere Zwaun was a decievful and relentless addition to the cult, who's dedication resulted in the death of thousands of Northmen. Patere Zwaun eventually lost his sister by the hand of a fellow Verum, to which he declared war against his old cult and started hunting every single one of them down.

He's also the only public enemy of the Verums to have existed and was the one individual to reveal the hidden cult to the entirety of Cortus. By his initiative, the inspiration to the future assassin order was made and would begin the many smaller conflicts following the horrific pact wars.

Recruitment and rise to gloryEdit


Patere Zwaun was recruited in a similar way as that of Laevis Potentia. Being a victim of supression and slavery, Patere was approached by the Verums and offered a place among them, given that he would willingly let himself morph into a common human. But instead, he came with a different proposal. He asked to be taught the power of shapeshifting, so he could stand normal when with his family. With the promise of his family not getting hurt and learning to shapeshift himself, he was recruted and became a part of the Verums.

Swiftly proving to be a useful asset, Patere took part in many intluential endeavours, which would greatly impact Cortus and the future of the world.

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