A painting from the Hall of Gazes

"And the lord spanked his servant: "Change, you shall not. Convert, you shall not. You are one and only that one, for should you think otherwise, you'd make others turn as well""
―A scripture from an unknown notebook around 811 A.P
Phylacism was an ideological movement, that believed humanoids should be confined in their societal existance to only have a minimal influence on the world around them, in order to avoid civil wars, rebellions, criminality and rivalry within the population. 

The ideology was first introduced after the events of the Pact War in 715 A.P, where the majority of the population accused noblemen and royalty of being responsible for the chaos that erupted over the years. In order to efficiently prevent any given person from having the political might to disrupt the peace, most organizations and factions were turned into variations of republics, as seen with orders such as the Ardent Union

The ideology continued to have a lasting impact on Cortusian factions until around 744 A.P, when Samuel Louvus Furyhold rose to power and abolished the republican governmental rule, that was present in most organizations.