Pravus Olomon
Title Soldier, Renegade, King
Gender Male
Race Sacer, Ghost
Unique traits
Year of Birth 923 A.P
Place of Birth Solus
Year of Death  ????
Occupation Ruler

Pravus Olomon was a sacer soldier, raised and trained by the Ghost-godCeterus Relictus. He was the second Ghost-god in existence and responsible for the ressurection of The Verums, as a faction. Furthermore, he led the verums in their effort to industrialize The Temple of Spatium, making the first part-underground metropolis in all of Cortus.

Sometime around 950 A.P, Pravus would visit the Soulgate and succesfully activate it once again, using fragments of the Alius. Thus, he succesfully turned himself into the second Ghost-god in existence. 

As Verums learned of this method of empowering themselves, more and more people came to exploit the might of the Soulgate. Pravus aggressively claimed ownership, to which a huge brawl broke out in the temple. 

As the verums were desperate for a new power source to return to their former might, they accepted Pravus' demand to become a ruler, officially founding the Verum Kingdom.