Planet of Procidens
Map of Procidens as of 1514 A.P
Type Planet
Population 20 million
Affiliation None
Races Alderas (10 million)

"The-Shape" essences (5 million)

Wildlife (5 million)

Procidens is the home world of the Alderas . While Cortus ' races have evolved throughout time, most of Procidens' ecosystem remains in place exactly the way it once began on the planet. The world is a mystery to the outsider as well as to the Alderas themselves. While there has been travel from Procidens to Cortus, there have been no reports of inhabitants of Cortus travelling to Procidens. At least, none that have survived to tell the tale.

A Magical WorldEdit

Not much is known about the origins of Procidens, other than that its creation involved an enormous amount of raw magic. After the world came into existence that primal magic remained a constant factor, something that would determine the ways of the planet for millennia to come. It would shape the world and, once mixed with the first traces of Procidenian life, dictate the creation and progress of the world's ecosystem.

A Prison of MindsEdit

While magic saw to it that all lifeforms lived in balance with eachother, somehow a more intelligent species came to be. These were the Alderas. Immediately they began to organize into a mighty civilization. However, only decades after their creation, the present magic started to turn on them and slowly eat away at their cities and health. The Alderas were being hunted by the force that made them come to be. Seeing no other means of fighting this force, they tapped into the very magic that attacked them. It was the beginning of the Alderas' hunt for knowledge. Knowledge that would one day allow them to either win the fight against the primal forces guarding Procidens or allow them to move to a safer home world.