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Project Duro's first recorded confrontation.

Project Duro was a longterm experiment initiated by the murderers pact, the earlier established version of the renegades pact. The project was originally meant to send the majority of the pact members to an isolated location to prepare for a future pact war. Later it was decided, that Project Duro was to test the humanoid races of Cortus and their way of interacting in a world that the pact wanted to create for the entire realm.

The murderers pact used captives and quite a lot of ressources to prepare an entire island for a game of survival, filled with traps, chests and secrets, meant to truly simulate a world without a government or freedom to care for others. Many of the survivors from Project Duro grew to become influencial politicians or wellknown members of larger factions. Project Duro never officially ended, considering some contesters never managed to get off the island, while still being alive.

Restoring the unwantedEdit

While the murderers pact desired to see their goal for Cortus function perfectly in Project Duro, they were faced with some interesting revelations about the psychology of humans, halfhumans and northmen. Unaware of human instincts and way of thinking, it was unexpected that the nonvolunteering contesters quickly started establishing their own society, within the woods of the island.
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Salvus scouting an undiscovered part of the island.

The pact was irritated by facing the truth about their once so perfect image of a world focused on survival. With the resources to do as they pleased, the pact secretly infiltrated the growing society and corrupted them from inside, resulting in a series of confrontations, after the contesters splitted up. Months would pass and the contesters would continue to oppose each other, learning from experience, that it'd be best for them to trust no one.

Without much help and barely anyone supporting each other, the pact learned of how political influence from inside can shape an entire society and perhaps even a civilization. As the island contained valuable materials and the contesters were no longer needed for research, the pact prepared an annihilation of the remaining survivors.

Opposing the tyrannyEdit

The murderers pact sent a "cleaning expedition" to the island to clear it from the remaining survivors several months after Project Duro was initiated. With superior fighting tools and a good health, the odds were against the remaining surviving contesters. Several high ranked pact members attended to the annihilation, including the current leader, Jonsey. As the survivors became aware of the presence of their slavers, Several individuals like Salvus and Alacer started carefully gathering the other survivors, although complications occured from the interactions.
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Salvus carefully preparing an attack on Jonsey.