"This is the best that the universe has to offer. If we're meant to liberate ourselves, we will succeed. If not, the worldkeeper will have nothing to rule once we've been slain with all we have."
―Trotsi to Geno Albens
Pure Army
Pure Army2
Various well known members of the pure army throughout history
Historical info
Year of Founding 1855 A.P
Leaders Aragio
Year of disbandment Never (Went on infinitely)
Enemies Amporion, The Verums
Member count Casualties caused
Unknown Unknown (At least 20 million)
 The Pure Army was a faction of the combined determined will of the universe to dethrone Amporion as the universe's Worldkeeper. It was led by Aragio and was officially founded, when he discovered Purification in 1855 A.P.