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Aragio as a purified Foreteller

Purification is the process, in which a humanoid completely opens its connection to its geographical roots. Purified humanoids have a powerful, yet controllable bond with their homeland, exponentially increasing their magic resources and capability to use it.

Purification is achieved differently for each individual race, yet functions the same for most species. While most races will purify their connection to the continent in which they were born, Foretellers would obtain an allignment with the planet, which they formerly guarded. Thus, foretellers tend to grow far more powerful, upon being purified, in comparison to all other races.

While purification has arguably happened much earlier, the first documented example of purification happened to Aragio at an unknown period in time. Before that point, powerful humanoids such as Ceterus Relictus or Leon Aporio were considered to be purified humanoids.


  • Leon Aporio is arguably the first Purified humanoid to exist.
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