"For all that I have done, I now see what the alius is. It is a disturbance of human biology. A plague, which infects and disrupts nature it self. We were all in the wrong."
―Qaran talking to King Brond
Title Whiteling, former verum, mercenary
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Unique traits
Year of Birth 199 A.P
Place of Birth Conditus
Year of Death 267 A.P
Occupation Mercenary

 Qaran was a former verum and a marginalized Whiteling, being one of the first to be marked as a verum sympathizer by the recently renowned King Brond. Qaran was the stepfather of Brond's daughter, Linia Brond and a skilled verum acrobat. Most noticeably, he was personally responsible for the annihilation of The Maederons

A war to end all doubtsEdit

in 232 A.P, the verums began misusing their power to hunt and annihilate all known Mortuus camps known to man. When the brutalities began sacrificing the welfare and stability of the human settlements, the peasants and citizens demanded the absolute isolation of all verums. Shortly after being isolated, Qaran's childhood friend, Brond, returned to the human settlements in the wish of helping them right the wrongs of their former militaristic government. 

Around this time, the loyal verums began gathering to declare an all out war against the civilian humans, in a violent attempt to reclaim their place as the rightful government of all humans. Qaran stood among the foot-soldiers, who had trained for decades to be swift, agile and acrobatic fighters of the verums.

After the death of Prodavus Verum, Qaran became one of the lead verum instructors of the remaining forces. It didn't last long, before the verums were decimated and didn't have the capacity to continue the war. in 235 A.P, the war had officially ended.

A life of prejudiceEdit

Following the end of the war, Qaran and all other verums were either marked, killed or sentenced to life in jail. Due to Brond's former relationship with Qaran, he was 

given the choice to be marked as a verum sympathizer for rest of his life, ultimately becoming a whiteling (having your hair give scent of a traitor, as well as turning grey). As life went on, Qaran dedicated his life to being a wandering mercenary, who never settled down at any human establishment. 


Qaran preparing to fight a group of bandits.

In 241 A.P, Qaran rediscovered that Linia Brond was not living with the king and instead, was running from the Maederons: a group of soldiers, determined to kill all pro-verums