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Qarx, before heading into the main base of the Rebellion to hold his address.

Qarx's inaugural address was Qarx's first official statement, after being promoted to Commander by Salvus Origo. The address calmed most of the angry rebels and ensured that Qarx's leadership went on for decades to come; although not without bumbs. Qarx was afterwards known as a talented speaker, cleverly hiding his own intentions to appear as a man of the people. 

The inaugural addressEdit

"Time flies. Once upon a time I stood with shivering hands and teary eyes, gazing at the bodies of those I once loved. That I still love. And without the commitment and awfulness of that memory, my hands would be elsewhere. In a grave or lonely in the streets. But these moments of horror and endless trauma are what keeps us together. We stand a thousand stories yet to be finished... And we all want the same ending. One of righterouness. 

My path may not be deserved. I may not be the most ideal writer of our tales. But my pen... Our pen... is that of our combined force. And together; no wind or howling beast will shiver our writing. We wiill continue the march and not stop, until every paper has been filled with words of justice, vengeance and order. Today, I give myself up to the essense of our unity. My story, your stories, are what dictates the fate of the world. My desires are not that of vengeance. To right wrong doings. My path, the story that I participate in, is that of the rebellion's. The rebellion... of Salvus Origo."

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