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Qarx Louvus Furyhold.

"What if I had been a mere folk? A man without destiny, a man without greatness? A man unknown to the world? Would it be a bad life? No. It would be a hell of a lot better than this" 

- Qarx a few days before the battle of mors pontem.

"Change is something we embrace, not a natural process. It's our will to stand against it or let it pass, that decides the fate of history" 

- Qarx discussing tacticts with Felswitch Salvatore .

"I did not ask for this, nor did you. But I have the decency to embrace given path and look away from what is already lost. Path decides presence, and the path have led me to a time of war." 

Qarx arguing with the commanders of the rebellion.

"Political debates only function to a certain degree. If you fight fire with paper, then the fire will consume us. We cannot let the strenght of the ignorant overcome us, cause we're afraid to show fists."

- Qarx discussing the conflict against the southern guards.

"I've done EVERYTHING I could! And now...when finally faced with the truth, you say it was PLANNED?! My suffering, my loss, my whole EXISTENCE, only to be BANISHED?!"

- Qarx's response to seeing the visualization of his father.

"I stand here, vanishing in front of men I once thought enemies. I leave a world, that I once thought hopeless. But now, I leave with trust in the future. Trust in my men and trust in Cortus."

- Qarx's final words, before becoming the god of comprehension.

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