Renegades Pact
Renegades pact flag
Historical info
Year of Founding 657 A.P
Leaders Vilbur Ovohon

Jonsey Lonson Ducion Liciano

Year of disbandment 715 A.P
Enemies Cortus Monarchy

Origo Rebellion

Member count Casualties caused
ca 540.000 ca 1.200.000
 The Renegades Pact (originally called the murderers pact) was an influential anarchistic organization, determined to rid Cortus rfrom governmental rules. Their primary objective was to fully eradicate The Cortus Monarchy and furthermore experiment with the human psyche and how humanoids could best live in a world without societal social order. The pact was founded by Vilbur Ovohon and disbanded following the death of Ducion Liciano