Salvus origo
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Title Commander, Founder, Duro-survivor
Gender Male
Race Human
Unique traits
Year of Birth 650 A.P
Place of Birth Conditus
Year of Death 690 A.P
Occupation Commander

Salvus Origo was the founder of the rebellion, ally of King Cadon and survivor of Project Duro. Salvus was originally a low ranked guard, before being kidnapped by the murderers pact. During Project Duro, he proved to be much more skilled at commanding and planning, proving to be a talented commander and organizer.

Salvus founded the rebellion along with several survivors of Project Duro, including his close Halfhuman friend Alacer. With determination and support from the crown, Salvus managed to suppress the publicaly unknown and powerfull murderers pact for a longer period of time. Salvus continued to oppose the pact with great succes, until the southern guards were established and turned the tables, at the same time as Ducion Liciano took over the pact. Salvus died during a mission to weaken a southern guards outpost, deciding to give his leadership to the arrogant and inexperienced recruit Qarx Furyhold at the moment of his death.

Rise of the factionEdit

Salvus was determined not to establish anything himself, but was still focused on ensuring that the unknown pact would be opposed by lawmen. When King Cadon offered support, but not an independent military campaign, Salvus decided to gather the remaining survivors from Project Duro and create a faction of his own, one that'd prove to become far larger than the kingdom it was founded in.
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Salvus giving Qarx Furyhold his orders.

The faction was quickly known for its knowledge of the pact and many criminals throughout Cortus, making a large amount of people join and become a part of the ranks.

Personal thoughtsEdit

I've always claimed that every character offers something unique to the universe and I still believe that. Each with their own overall moral complication to represent, Salvus' is slightly different from most other characters. While everyone follows their judgement and do what they want to do, Salvus is but a common soldier, who stepped up to oppose the unknown Murderers Pact. He functions as the classic "Do what must be done" type of character, who did whatever he could to to remove responsibility from himself, without much succes.

In many ways I like to compare him to the previously main protagonist of the Assassin's Creed franchise; Desmond Miles, just with more likeable characteristics. Salvus desires nothing but a safe future for Cortus, but fails to have the commitment to not try and promote someone to the supreme leader of the rebellion.
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Salvus in his stranded gear, during project Duro

Salvus is therefore one of my favorite characters that I've ever created. While I've yet to reach him in the book, he's but an essentiel part of it, as he introduces certain morals and complications from a different perspective. He's the character to evolve most visibly in my own personal opinion.