Scientia Coegi
Title Scientist, Manipulator
Gender Female
Race Human
Unique traits
Year of Birth 667 A.P
Place of Birth Mirabilis
Year of Death 698 A.P
Occupation Scientist

Scientia Coegi was the organisor of an excavation site near Cultus. Her discoveries of ancient Sacer technology lead to the world wide popularization of effective magical wardens and barriers, only previously used by The Circle. She was the temporary significant other of Raptus Mataru; a former rebellion member, who'd later become Cortus' first and most infamous privateer. in 695 A.P, Raptus stole all of Scientias bank content, subsequently purchasing as many mercenaries and ships as possible. With help from other influential nobles around Cultus, Scientia began the pursued after Raptus, which would inevitably lead to her death in 698 A.P.